Saturday, December 28, 2013

Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters - A Review

Somebody's Angel is Kallypso Masters latest offering in her Rescue Me series.  The series revolves around former Marines who served together, and now run a kink club in their civilian life.  All books in the series interlink, so this is not a series that can be read as standalones.

Somebody's Angel continues the story of Marc and Angelina (Angel).  Readers first meet Marc in Masters at Arms, which is the introductory volume that introduces us to our Marines:  Adam, Marc, and Damian, and sets us up with their base stories and background for the series.  Marc and Angelina's story is the basis for Nobody's Angel.

Kallypso's fourth book in the series, Nobody's Perfect, gave some glimpses into the fact that Marc and Angel are having some problems with their relationship, but does not go into detail, as the author felt that so much was involved that they deserved another volume.  As runs true with all of Kallypso's works, although the couples get their happily ever after, as in real life, they have to work at it and invest in their relationship.

I have to admit that Marc has never been my favorite character in the series.  Usually, I just feel like if I met him, I'd like to high five his head.  I just feel like telling him to wake up and smell the coffee.  To be honest, until about the halfway point in Somebody's Angel, I still felt this way.  Then, when he finally woke up that he needed to sort himself out to be able to keep Angel, not to mention the torture scene he deliberately puts himself through in order to break down the psychological barriers that are preventing him forming attachments, I found myself really finally warming to him!  From that point on, I was in his corner! 

This is a five star read that I highly recommend.  Kallypso's books are definitely geared for the 18+ reader due to the mature material contained in them.  I am not involved in the lifestyle that the characters in the stories are, but I do know that she thoroughly researches the background material and has several experts that she has review the stories for accuracy in military and other areas.

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  1. great job if i was new to Kallypso books i differently would go check it out after your review.