Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Skin Deep Cover Reveal!

Here is the cover of Jocelyn Stover's newest book: Skin Deep

The Blurb:  

Cuts heal…
Veronica has never felt comfortable in her own skin and spent a lifetime shying away from the spotlight until she found medicine. Now at the top of her game and poised to begin her residency, she is chosen for one of a handful of coveted positions at the facility of her idol, the surgical genius Dr. Bates.

Bruises fade…
Arriving at OHSU Veronica isn’t expecting anyone, least of all her idol, to notice her. So when she catches the eye of a cute attending in the Emergency Room she’s taken by surprise. His cool reserved manner unsettles her and she’d trade his interest in a heartbeat for an ounce of acknowledgement from the mouth watering Dr. Bates. Intimidated in the presence of her idol she innocently stalks him day after day in the cafeteria, nurturing fantasies about when their paths will intersect and she’ll have the opportunity to work beside him. When a hospital fundraiser finally puts her on Dr. Bates' radar vying for his instruction quickly turns into vying for his affection.

But scars linger…
The line of professionalism blurs as Veronica falls hard for the good doctor but a series of poor decisions threaten to destroy it all. As she struggles with damage control her rose colored glasses are shattered. The men in her life are not as she imagined and she finds herself desperately trying to unravel their convoluted history. Can Veronica discover the truth and find away to salvage her career and her heart?

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