Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start the New Year off with a free read!

Dane is the first book in the MacKenzie family series by Liliana Hart.  The series tells the stories of the MacKenzie brothers, and how they find the loves of their lives. 

Dane's story recounts his return to Surrender and rekindling of his romance with Charlotte, the girl he left behind when he left to start his journalistic career.  There are ups and downs, but this story is HOT!  As a reader, you find yourself rooting for Dane and his efforts to win back Charlotte from the start.

Be warned:  there are sex scenes, and they leave little to the imagination!  This story is definitely for readers that are 18+.  Saying that, you will want to make Dane your new book boyfriend by the end.  But wait until you meet his brothers!

If you find you enjoyed Dane's story, I recommend you get Liliana's collection, The MacKenzies:  Dane, Thomas, Riley, Cooper.  Yes, this will give you 2 copies of Dane, but you will have all the brothers in one collection for your reading pleasure!


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